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“Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself.“

Walt Whitman

art for life
"Art for Life"                                                  Copyright Rick Wolfryd 2012



Almost 18 months ago, yet another close friend of mine from Mexico City converted to HIV Positive --- and my heart was truly devastated.

After experiencing 40 years plus of “survivor’s grief” during the worldwide AIDS pandemic, I have decided I simply need to take more action to ensure the DEATH OF AIDS during our lifetime.

So over the past 18 months or so, I have created a body of 200 plus art works available in a limited edition format ( 120 signed & numbered pieces in each edition ), which I wish to use as a fundraising tools for any private individual, AIDS organization, Art Gallery, or business interested in raising money for an AIDS causes & concerns --- vis a vis the collection, re-sale, exhibition, auctioning, or gifting of this art.

This year, I have specifically set my sites on targeting and contributing money to Desert Aids Project ( Palm Springs, CA ) & Aids Project Los Angeles ( LA, CA ) thru this DOA Project; as well as a AIDS group in Mexico City ( as yet to be determined ).
Historically, my art works ( which I call “digital reconstructions” ) have sold for as much as $350 - $900 at various high end art and AIDS charity auctions --- and of course lesser amounts as well on occasion. Meanwhile, each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity & and are annotated on the front of each print.

PLEASE CLICK on THE FOLLOWING BOX so you can understand better HOW TO DO MORE for the DOA Project and your local AIDS GROUP and COMMUNITY!!!!

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